Piedmont, in Northwest Italy, is an italian treasure with fantastic nature, hills and vineyards but still unknown to many. The area is known to be one of Italy’s largest wine districts with world famous wines – Barolo,  Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato and many others. Piedmont is also a strategic area to explore the Alps, approximately two hours away, with great sky slopes or the Italian sunny beaches, one hour south.


Langhe, in the south of Piedmont, is the world-famous wine region where Barolo and Barbaresco are the protagonists. A fantastic wine district and one of the most well-known in Italy, that in summer 2014 was placed on UNESCO’s list of “World Heritage Sites”. The landscape is defined by a smooth succesion of hills, shaped by the expert hands of the locals and guarded by imposing medieval castles. In this wonderful land you can find serenity and pleasure that you can’t find at many places today; many people who visit this area have a great interest in food and wine and this is exactly what the area is famous for. Langhe are now considered a Gourmet Mecca; here you will meet people in search of genuine flavours and come here to drink good wine, enjoy fantastic food and taste the finest White truffles.


The Langhe offers a wide range of fine wines and local products. Barolo and Barbaresco are without a doubt the King and Queen of the great Italian wines; made from Nebbiolo grapes, are born in the heart of the Langhe hills around the city of Alba. Only in 15 municipalities (11 for Barolo and 4 for Barbaresco) has allowed the production of these wines, thanks to a unique and very distinctive terroir. Besides these, the territory offers a huge range of wines like Barbera, Dolcetto and Arneis, that with their different characters can meet everyone taste.

Alba White truffle is, on the other hand, the main actor in the local food scene; rare and precious, is possible to find it only from September to December, the Alba White truffle has unique organoleptic characteristics that make it one of the most appreciated products worldwide. The annual Fiera del Tartufo, with the truffle market, is an event that attracts foodies from all over the world.

An incredible variety of cheeses, local meats, hazelnuts and vegetables complete the picture of a gastronomic scene that is unique in the world.

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